Welcome to Yakiniku Fukukawa

Yakiniku Fukukawa uses grade A5 meat of Yamagata Beef and Sendai Beef. Sendai Beef is a kind of Japanese beef. In Miyagi prefecture, about 20,000 cattle are shipped per year, but only 30% of them are shipped as “Sendai Beef”. Only beef which passed their strict tests and received highest grades can be called as “Sendai Beef”. “Sendai Beef” is juicy and tender. Such quality of Sendai beef comes from nature in Miyagi prefecture.

There are three criteria for “Yamagata Beef”.
・Japanese Heifers and Steers raised in Yamagata
・Beef with a grade higher than 4th decided by Japan Meat Grading Association. 
・Beef without radiation tissues.

Yamagata is full of nature. The four seasons of the year are quite distinct in Yamagata. It's hot in summer, but it's very cold in winter. “Yamagata Beef” tastes very good because of that temperature difference between the two seasons.

We serve rare meat such as “Yamagata Beef” and “Sendai Beef”. They are difficult to get. We are confident that they would make your Yakiniku experience very special. Using iron plates, we maximize the sirloin steak's rich natural taste. Among all the other classic Yakiniku dishes, we serve “Miyazaki Beef” as sirloin steak and its impeccable. The slice is so big that doesn’t even fit on an regular plate.

Yakiniku Fukukawa in Shijo Omiya provides
great food, great customer service and great atmosphere for drinking.
Please come and try our dishes. You’d be surprised how amazing they are.